Fabian Oefner


Fabians Ted Talk Speach (1.73 Mio views.....)

Fabian Oefner’s visual expression of the invisible effects of the natural sciences and the properties of time is the genesis of his photography, film and kinetic installations.   His art forms encourage us to conceptualize in new ways, and to accept that art and science do not exist on opposite ends of the academic spectrum but rather inform each other in tangible ways. The profound intention of Oefner’s art defies description. His explorations into the ephemeral poetry of time and the natural world stop us, allowing us to see the invisible, while provoking us to wonder about the myriad magical moments we do not see, while never considering the artist’s process that created them.

Fabian Oefner’s works have been published in WIRED, The New Scientist, Der Spiegel, The Huffington Post and Wallpaper among many others.  He was a guest speaker at M.I.T. and his TED talk has received upwards of two million visits. Besides his independent work, Oefner has also collaborated on the creation of various art pieces forclients such as Ferrari, Bose, Harrods and Peugeot Design.

Fabian's Vortrag am Digital Event 2016...