Greg Basco

Photography for Conservation


12:00 Uhr | Trafo Halle | 1. Stock

Nature photography that seeks to promote conservation and sustainable development must tell a story. Single images that are different, powerful, and evocative are a key part of this story.

Going beyond the standard portrait or landscape snapshot means thinking outside the box in terms of art and technique. I will share with you some of my secrets for using flash, slow shutter speeds, creative lighting, and composition to help you to create nature images that stand out from the crowd.

I will also talk about how to use these images to tell a story and how to get the message out to the general public and the people that matter in making decisions. If you want to take your nature photography to the next level and contribute to conservation, this is the talk for you!

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Sprache des Vortrages: englisch

Dauer: 45 Minuten

Preis: kostenlos, Ticket muss gebucht werden


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