Oliver Burgess (ZA)


Born in Johannesburg, South Africa in 1973. Oliver’s interest in photography was sparked at a very young age when on his seventh birthday his father gave him his first camera.

He and his family later moved to Australia, and after growing up in a very creative household, where both his mother and father lead creative roles in the advertising industry, it was clear to him that he wanted to follow in their foot steps.

At fifteen he did his first work experience period with advertising photographer Robbie Morhead in his North Sydney Studio, with only a small role of sweeping floors and making coffees, he watched the sets as everything from cars, fashion and products were being shot in the studio. This was his first real introduction to the world of professional photography.

The next year Oliver did his experience at the advertising agency Hertz Walpole in Sydney where he learnt more about the creative process, everything from developing an ad campaign from the ground up. Story boards, illustrations, pitching ideas and the roles of the creative team.

After years of being on set with his dad both in front of and behind the camera, Oliver later joined Chadwick modeling agency in Sydney as a model which allowed him to many times be on set in front of many different photographer's cameras, also to see the different styles and set ups. Everything from catalogue studio shoots to location shoots, advertising and fashion.

Oliver has also had roles in different television adds. During this time he watched everything, taking in as much as he could and practicing it on his own time: This helped him to eventually develop his own style and feel in his works.

Oliver was able to assist photographers and friends Michael Kenedy and Jerald Jenkins and learn from their experience and expertise.

From 1990 to 1993 Oliver worked for Graphic Arts Corporation in Sydney as graphic designer. This role later lead him to learning computer based skills such as Photoshop and Final Cut.

From 1993 he traveled to India where he studied yoga and became the in house photographer for the Bihar Yoga bharati (World's first yogic university). It was here that he perfected his developing skills in the dark room and learnt to photograph in a reportage style. A very useful tool that later gave him the perfect foundation and skills for such occasions as weddings and events.

In 1998 Oliver moved to France and became the photographer for the Helly Hansen Wilsa sport adventure racing Team. Over their five year world wide adventure racing campaign.

This photography was very exciting, involving following the racers as they rode, climbed, abseiled, ran, swam and kayaked their way over some of the most beautiful terrains the world has to offer.

Countries included America, Scotland, Ireland, France, Brazil, Australia, New Zealand, China, Chile, Patagonia and many more exotic locations, too many to name.

In 2009 Oliver moved to Zurich, Switzerland where he has now settled and establishing himself. There he created Studio 7 in Baden where he works and teaches photography to people from all walks of life.

His work is now Commercial, Fashion, and Portraits orientated.

Oliver Burgess' Seminar am digitalEVENT 2017:

Fashion and Beauty Live Shooting...